Why Promote Active Travel in your Community

POSTED ON - 20 Jan 2021

What motivates people to develop ideas and take action to address safe, active travel issues in their community?

It could be traffic dangers and the fear of serious or fatal injuries whether based on personal experience or observation of ‘near misses’.

Another reason for taking action is it helps address our vast challenges for our climate emergency - transport is the biggest source of CO2 emissions and is something most of us actually have the ability to do something about.

Or it could be the feeling of wanting to recover the vibrancy of our streets which leads campaigners to take action - so children can play out again safely and feel the space is theirs to share. 

Poor air quality is a big motivation for some of those taking action as it kills around 40,000 people a year in the UK and is a serious health issue not just in cities but in our towns too. Whatever your motivations - and they will vary for different active travel campaigners - it all comes back to making the way we travel or use our street space safer, more welcoming for a wide range of people and better for our environment.

Governments, politicians and big business have big targets to meet. However these can’t be achieved unless millions of individuals like you and I also take some of the responsibility, for example taking action to adapt the way we travel.

We all have busy lives and the easiest path is usually the path we are already on so it can be a challenge to change habits. In this big, wide world we may also struggle to see the impact of our own tiny actions. But by taking action on a small scale, sharing our successes and inspiring others our reach as individuals can be much greater.

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