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Making the school run more active and safer for all

When we were children, most of us walked or cycled to school. We chatted to friends on the way and arrived healthy, refreshed and ready to learn. Nowadays busy lifestyles, changes in general travel habits and the fact that children no longer necessarily go to the nearest school mean that many are dependent on parents to drive them every day.

The subsequent congestion on our roads, increased CO2 emissions, impact on child health and reduced independence for children are just some of the negative effects of this.

However, many parents, teachers, councils and organisations are keen to address this and are taking action to do so - by setting up walk to school schemes such as a Walking Bus or Park and Stride whilst working with their school community to develop and implement active travel plans and a host of other measures.

We are here to support schemes such as this - providing information and products for schools, parents and pupils across the UK and running our own local projects all under our Brightkidz name. With over 17 years experience we are here to help you too.

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