Event Bubble Kit

Attract more interest to your travel survey with bubbles and a bubble banner.

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Here's a way to make it much easier to draw attention and get participants for your events. Bubbles! Yes, the children love bubbles and parents love their children being entertained. Ideal for events such as travel surveys; whilst the children are happily catching bubbles, parents can fill in your travel survey. And it won't just attract families - others will just want to know what is going on and that starts your conversation.

This kit includes bubbles, signage and a banner with a poem to link bubbles to your survey.

Pack Contents:

  • Loads of Bubble kit including multi-bubble wand
  • Large bubble wand
  • Extra bottle of concentrated bubble mix (enough for a 5 hour event)
  • Pocket bubble kit - to use as a prize in a prize draw for survey participants
  • 'Bubble' poem on a board - linking bubbles to the survey
  • 'Bubble' banner for display on or near your stand
  • Items also available to purchase separately - contact us for details
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