A Rabbit’s Tale (Book)

Charming book by Rob Bounds about animals and being seen near traffic.

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Rabbit makes a journey with a leap and a bound to find out how he can keep safe and sound.

Author Rob Bounds originally wrote this and his other stories for his nieces and nephews. The animal characters featured are influenced and inspired by his interest in wildlife, while the story themes are on topics that relate to some of his own real life experiences.

Ideal for teachers, road safety educators and parents to help teach children about being seen near traffic.

  • Author: Rob Bounds.
  • llustrations: Neil Hunt.
  • Size: Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm.
  • Cover: Flexible, laminated high-gloss.
  • 20 Pages.
  • Printed in UK.
  • Distributed by Brightwayz.
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Extra resource available in 'Documents' above: Use the author’s free downloadable template to make your own bright bunny.

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