5 areas for on-site improvements for your green travel plan

POSTED ON - 18 Apr 2021

Review the areas you have on-site which can be improved upon

1. Review your cycle storage

The level you get to here will depend on your budget, capacity and anticipated future demand (not just current needs!).

Basic level: somewhere to lock a cycle up (other than a rusty drainpipe!). If space and budget is tight, install a ground anchor.

A bit better: open cycle racks which support more than just a wheel and provide secure locking points, eg Sheffield stands. Ensure at least one has a low bar and extra space for adapted or recumbant (low lying) cycles. Fine for quick visits in good weather.

Better still: racks with a shelter which protects cycles and riders from the elements. Good for visitors even in bad weather.

Even better: secure, enclosed lockers. Good for your staff as they will be there for regular, long periods of time - especially if they have e-bikes which they may not want to leave in the open. A combination of these for staff and racks with shelter for visitors is pretty good.

Best of all:
24/7 indoor bike storage with key card entrance and other amazing facilities such as bike pump, equipment storage lockers, space for all kinds of cycles including cargo bikes and cycle repair station. This gives staff and visitors the confidence to leave cycles for any length of time including overnight.

What can you do: plan for getting the cycle storage suitable for your needs. If you don’t have the budget now, at least get an idea of cost and put it in your plan. If any relevant funding or match funding opportunities come your way you will be ready to apply.

2. Review your pedestrian routes in

Are they safe? Are there blind spots for drivers where people walk? Is the pedestrian route well-marked and easy to see for staff and visitors? 

Does it follow a natural desire line or do people walking have to go out of their way to get to the site exit or building entrance? 

Are there drops in the curve and are they wide enough so those coming with wheels - eg wheelchair users, pushchairs, goods trolleys - are able to easily access without the risk of bumps and topples?

What can you do: add good signage, path and road markings and ramps where needed. Consider more permanent solutions with kerb drops etc.

3. Electric Car Charging points

Although electric cars don’t solve problems such as congestion, road casualties and health issues, they are an important part of the overall solution towards a greener society. 

They produce less pollution on our roads (although still create polluting ‘particulate matter’ from tyres etc) and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. As the proportion of electric cars on our roads increases, it will become more and more essential to provide charging points. 

Do you have any assigned electric vehicle charging points on your site yet? If not, do you have an idea of where they could go? Have you also consider charging points for electric bikes in combination with your cycle storage plans?

4. Car Share Priority

Not everyone can walk, cycle or take the bus to work of course. For those who have to drive, you could encourage lift sharing and provide an incentive for staff to do this. 

In regards to your site, some car park spaces could be marked as reserved for car sharers only. 

Simple paint markings and good signage would enable this. How do you monitor this? 

Either rely on good internal promotion and a hearts and minds trusting approach, or develop a stricter system making use of CCTV and/or car park attendants.

5. Good Signage

Whatever schemes you choose to promote, it is essential staff and visitors understand them and appreciate the benefits. Good signage around your site will help achieve this. It could be motivational eg ‘walk to work and burn x calories per hour’, appreciative ‘thank you for cycling to work’, informative ‘ Bus stop to town, this way’ or challenging ‘ are you taking part in our travel challenge?’.

Signs are a low cost way to increase awareness and can be in the form of pavement stickers, fence banners, stickers for metal surfaces or boards or any size or shape which can be attached with ties. The relatively low cost options available mean these can be changed and refreshed regularly which is a key way to ensure they continue to get attention.

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